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Wisdom Teeth Extractions with Anethesia

As our practice focuses on family care and due to the fact that we have two great universities here in Denton, The University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University we see a lot of patients that need their wisdom teeth removed.

Patients usually want to know 2 things:
Why: The 3rd molars are removed when the patient does not have enough room for them. They are usually angled and push on the tooth in front of them causing pain and making it difficult to clean that 2nd molar. If it cannot be cleaned well then it begins to decay causing further expensive and painful problems. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Many people have plenty of room for them.

When: There is NOT a certain age to have them removed. The molars start as small “buds” and then begin to grow roots. These roots get longer and longer as time passes. You want to have them out when they are as nearest the gum line as they will get and before the roots get long. As the roots get longer they become entangled in the main nerves that go along your jaw bone. The smaller they are the easier it is for the patient to recover quickly.

Promise you won’t loose the wisdom, just the toothache.

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