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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Pat Ruehle can correct a simple problem or completely change your smile. Painful oral healthcare when you were small, previously too afraid to go to the dentist, accidents? Patients get there from many different directions and the good news is… Dr. Ruehle can correct most problems, with much less discomfort than when you were small.

Dentistry has come a long way, and for doctors like Dr. Ruehle who have received the latest and most advanced training you have many options as a patient. He can correct misaligned teeth, gaps, broken or missing teeth.

Want your teeth whiter? We can help you achieve that whiter smile also, with little to NO pain associated with some whitening procedures. You can get trays that you take home and use for 3 minutes a day, not hours. OR You can get that instant whiter smile with an in office treatment – usually 1 ½ hrs and you are on your way to a whiter smile, and headed back to work or play with the kids.

Dr. Ruehle uses the Cerec Cad Cam system to custom make your crowns here in our office in usually one visit – no uncomfortable temporaries, no second visit. Your time is valuable we understand that. Dr. Ruehle has been the Dentist for the Miss Texas pageants for several years and understands how to give you that beautiful, attractive and CONFIDENT Smile.

Come see Dr. Ruehle in our South Denton office and our team and we will help you get that Confident smile you are looking for.

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